19 benefit from group’s dental defects makeover

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What a day it was yesterday - such a big day for us!


Project Smile is a social initiative that identifies individuals with dental 
flaws and defects who would want their defects corrected but are 
handicapped financial.
Designed to engage individuals through a contest, the initiative 
encourages response to its eight-week call for entry campaign. The 
candidates are subjected to various stages of screening and shortlisted 
for the final clinical evaluation. Finally, three winners are determined 
in three main categories-severe, moderate or mild. The goal of the 
initiative is to transform 500 people with a smile makeover by the 10th 
season. In all, 19 people have emerged.
For a 36-year-old civil servant, Mrs Funmilayo Olufa who had an 
accident and lost all her teeth in the process and developed a severity 
of dental flaw, life was never the same again. She lost her confidence. 
According to her, she regained her confidence after undergoing the 
Smile makeover.
Before the Smile makeover, Funmi’ lost her looks but few stages into 
the Smile makeover, her friends could recognise her. She recalled: “A 
friend and long-time classmate of mine that I lost contact with some 15 
years ago saw me at a bus stop and shouted my name. I was happy 
she could recognise me because some couldn’t before the Smile 
makeover. I am so happy that though the Smile makeover is yet to be 
completed, the positive effects on me are tremendous. Regaining my 
confidence is the best part of my transformation story thus far.”
Chichi Anosike, sole beneficiary, Project Smile maiden edition in 2011 
had an accident that damaged her dentition and seriously affected her 
facial expression. She heard about the Project Smile and was 
requested to write why she thinks she needed a Smile makeover. She 
had completed her Smile makeover and today she says with 
confidence, “I can flick off a dazzling smile easily without being 
conscious of it.” She thanked Project Smile and Smile360 for restoring 
her dentition.
A 24-year-old creative writer, Adelekan Tayo, said whenever he talked 
to people, they are ever conscious of his teeth. And he always feels 
dejected as a man. He was always worried and perplexed. He got to 
know about the Project Smile through listening to the jingle on a 
broadcast station.
According to Tayo, he reluctantly put in an entry, thinking that it 
couldn’t be true. When he was selected through a credible screening 
done by an independent panel, he said he couldn’t believe it. Going 
through the Smile makeover, he was delighted, aware that it was what 
he had always desired.
“The project is not about reconstructing the dentition alone but also 
building on the psychological confidence. I did not pay a dime. The 
members of staff are wonderful. It is a life-changing experience. It is a 
wonderful initiative,” he stated.
Mobola Abodunrin, 31-year-old Marketing/Brand Manager said: “As an 
image maker in a communication firm, having an over-protruding gum 
and teeth could be worrisome. That is always the focus of attention 
when I am interacting with people. I became an introvert inadvertently 
because I was disturbed emotionally.”
Mobola heard about the Project Smile through a friend and put in an 
entry. She was lucky to be selected and just going through the Smile 
makeover, she is already experiencing a turn-around. When Mobola 
was on the braces, some people actually thought it was for cosmetics 
reasons and complimented her equally. “I like your rocks,” they would 
Mobola said: “I corrected their impressions I told them that it was part 
of medical procedures. And now I am gaining more confidence than 
before. People do admire me wearing the braces. I don’t receive 
curious looks or comments again. Though I am not through with the 
Smile makeover, the stages I had gone through have already changed 
my life and psychology. I knew I needed the Smile makeover but could 
not afford same. For this, I am grateful to Project Smile.”
For 22-year-old Dumebi Olanne; a final year student of Mass 
Communication at Babcock University, it was a real life changing 
experience; having gone through some stages of Smile makeover. 
Being born with bad dentition, she had lived an hermit life. She loved 
surfing the net and one day, she stumbled on Smile360 Project.
Her mother encouraged her to put in an application. She did and was 
shortlisted but no sponsor was there for her. As she made to depart the 
venue, a participant saw her dejection and wouldn’t allow her to go 
with that look. The participant sponsored her for the Smile makeover 
and today, Dumebi smiles more, talks more and is looking forward to a 
more prosperous life as a budding lady.
Dr Amy B. Traore-Shumbusho is the founder of Smile360 Dental 
Specialist, Ikoyi Lagos.
Explaining the rationale behind her effort, Dr Amy, as she is fondly 
called, said the ability to change people’s lives with a great smile is 
powerful and a privilege.
Recounting some of the achievements of the initiative in the past three 
seasons in view of the goal and mission set out to give great smiles 
since the commencement of the project in 2011.  Dr Traore-
Shumbusho said the last three seasons of Project Smile has achieved 
remarkable success with a record of 19 beneficiaries most of whom are 
still undergoing their dental corrective surgery and treatment.
“As we joined all dental stakeholders and the general public to mark 
this year’s World Oral Health Day, (WOHD) there is no better time to 
pause and recount our successes than this momentous period in the 
dental world. The World Oral Health Day has always been epochal in 
launching each season of the Project Smile Initiative.
Source: http://thenationonlineng.net/19-benefit-groups-dental-defects-makeover/