Festive Season Tooth Care

Babajide Fasesin


Even if you are very fastidious with your tooth care, this time of year that is dedicated to eating and drinking can be hard on your teeth.  All the festive goodies, while they taste delicious, give our teeth and mouth a lot to deal with.  Getting carried away with the festive spirit (in more ways than one) can sometimes mean that those good tooth care habits slip a bit. 
The highest risk time is from through out the holidays and that is when your teeth and mouth can struggle the most. Worst still it can store up problems for you for later with cavities and other nasties that got their start when you let your guard down over the festive season.  And to add to the problem is the fact that dentist surgeries will be closed over the holiday season so that if anything does happen to your teeth or there is an emergency, it is going to be more difficult.  We thought that you might like a little checklist to follow through the festive season to ensure that you keep your teeth in tip top condition and keep up a good oral hygiene routine.


Although it can be difficult to be strict as you normally would be over the festive period it is really important that you are.   And although those extra pounds that you put on over Christmas can be dieted away in the New Year, the damage that you do to your teeth can be less simple to put right.   Sugary and acidic foods are the culprits and the enemy of your teeth so always brush after any session that has seen you eating your own body weight in mince pies and other Christmas treats.   Most of us will have Christmas dinner at home but if you are going to someone else’s house for the biggest meal of the year, then don’t forget to take your toothbrush!   Brushing after Christmas lunch will go a long way to helping your teeth survive the holiday season.


The amount of sugar we get through over the festive period is frightening and it’s a big ask for our teeth too, so try to resist eating everything in sight.


It can be hard to resist the seasonal favorites like fried meat and rice as well as the drink that is always flowing, but if you want to help your teeth and your weight you might want to think about swapping some sugar heavy foods for others that do not have such a sugar load.