Payment methods

To make things as flexible as possible for you we accept payment via different methods:-

- Bank card via secure connection to authorised payment processor (VoguePay)
- Pay On Delivery
- GTPay (Guarantee Trust Bank Payment Processor)
- Bank Transfer

When you are completing your order and going through the checkout you will enter your geographical location. That will then determine which payment methods are available to you.

If you pay by GTPay or VoguePay, the successful payment will normally be confirmed to us within a few seconds and we can start fulfilling your order immediately. If you pay by bank transfer we will start processing the order when payment is received.


We are constantly monitoring prices to ensure we are getting the best deals to enable us to pass the best savings on to you, regardless of what others may be offering the same items for. That is, we won't simply try to undercut the competition by a small amount and charge what we believe we can get away with, we endeavour to give you good deals always. That means if we are able to purchase something at a price that enables us to significantly undercut the competition, we will do that, and you may wonder why the others are charging so much! By the same token, we are keen not to be charging more for any item than others are supplying them for. That means if you find an item cheaper elsewhere than here, please check carefully:-

- Is it for the same quantity?
- Is the quality up to standard?
- Is the functionality and performance the same?
- Is it actually available, or is it a 'teaser' item that is mysteriously not in stock?

If you suspect you have genuinely found a comparable item available cheaper elsewhere, please let us know. It may be that someone has found an alternative source or alternative item that does offer better value. If we can confirm it, as a reward for letting us know we will give you a 92trade shop voucher for N2000 to spend on anything. You could be doing yourself an additional favour, because if it turns out that we can get a better alternative elsewhere, we may be able to offer it even cheaper than the place where you spotted it.

Bulk discounts

Some items are available at a discount if several are ordered. The threshold quantity for discount will be indicated on each item page. If you are interested in ordering significantly larger quantities though then call us to discuss what deals we might be able to offer.


From time to time we may offer special priced promotions. There could be several reasons:-

- We have done a larger bulk deal with a supplier for what we believe could be a more popular item at a more greatly discounted price
- We have acquired unwanted or bankrupt stock from elsewhere
- We have over-ordered ourselves of what has turned out to be a slower-moving item
- We might be bringing a new product to the market and are taking advantage of special introductory discounts offered by the manufacturer

Normally these are either strictly limited-time or limited-quantity offers and once the offer or stock has finished it will not be possible to offer the promotional price for the forseeable future. That means, grab them while you can!

In any event, we emphasise that in every normal circumstance the products will be new, unused, fully-functional and undamaged for the specific reason that these are products for professional use in the intimate care of people's health and well-being.

IF for any reason we have an opportunity to offer some product that does not meet our normal stringent standards for new items, that we believe as medical professionals you may still want to take advantage of, then we will make any shortcoming in the product absolutely and explicitly clear in the description of the promotional item. For example, if a manufacturer has a quantity of something that has become discoloured during manufacturing but is functionally identical to a standard item, and is supplied without all the usual accessories we would clearly indicate that it was a functionally-identical but discoloured base unit only with no accessories.

Obviously, we would only sell non-standard items that our medical advisors indicate are completely safe to use.