Dental Apex Locator

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Endodontic Treatment Support Apex Locator

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Endodontic Treatment Support Apex Locator

Apex locator is a supporting equipment of the endodontic treatment, through the measurement of the length of apical teeth, helping the dentist to finish the endodontic treatment.

Features of the device:

A) Dual frequency impedance measurement technology, It has no influence of the working environment where it is full of the physiological saline NaClO, H2O2.
B) Root area magnification show the digital scale and the changes of the sound also can indicate position of the file in the root-canal.
C) 3 dry batteries, low consumption and long working time.
D) Measures the file quickly and accurately.
E) Based on the changes of the sound can indicate the trajectory of the file

apex locator

apex locator

Whats In The Box

1. Main Unit

2.Measuring Wire

3.Lip Hooks

4.File Clip

5.Measuring File

6.Other accessories

Technical Details

Power -3pcs AA batteries

Power consumption -≤0.3W

Screen -4"LCD

Environment Temperature- +5ºC~+40ºC

Relative Humidity -≤ 80%

Dimension -90mmX119mmX36mm

Weight -175g